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During the process of cleaning pool tile, the water level is lowered, about a foot of the top. We don't have to drain the whole pool. However, we do recommend that the pool water be checked for hardness every 3-5 years, and we can help you drain the pool if needed. During the pool tile cleaning, the pool tiles are cleaned one at a time using a mixture of soft blast media at a very low pressure.  Maxxstrip, Sodablasting, Glass beads, or Epsom Salts are common materials used depending on the type of calcium and swimming pool tile.  The debris, of calcium and particles of materials are heavier than water.  This debris sinks in the water, making a neat pile that trails around on the floor of the pool.  Our portable vacuum is set up to remove this. Vacuuming the entire pool clean is part of the process after cleaning the pool tile.  The swimming pool tile is sealed with a water repelling sealer that protects and helps to keep the pool tile clean.  This sealer makes a nice protective barrier that also helps when cleaning the pool tile in the future. At the end, the swimming pool tile is clean, and sealed, and the pool vacuumed clean. Leaving you with no mess to worry about.  There are never any chemicals used, and the pool is safe for swimming as soon it fills back up.
Since all calcium build up and pool tile vary, each job must be looked at ahead of time. The estimates are free. This pool side evaluation will provide us with a chance to examine your calcium and cleaning surface in person and allow us to measure the amount of pool tile cleaning to be preformed.  Price is based on thickness of calcium, type of tile or surface to be cleaned, access to the pool, and job site cleanup, and how much material might be required for the pool tile cleaning process.
Again, The process requires approximately 12" of water removal. We have our own portable pump and vacuum system which we set up pool side. Your pump and filter are turned off during the pool tile cleaning process. Your equipment doesn't have to do any of the cleaning at all.
Cleaning swimming pool tile in Tucson is all we do. We are experienced and knowledgeable of all types of calcium removal processes. Knowing exactly what application must be used to protect your delicate pool tile. We are focused on performing the most professional and best possible pool tile cleaning procedure for your swimming pool!


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